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Portrait and art nude photography

Welcome to Teeven Photo Art: lots of photos and information on shoots.

I’m always on the search for women that want to work together on creating art. Do you want to take the step?

For ages, women have been a great inspiration for all sorts of arts. For me that’s not different and I show it in my photography.

For over twenty years, I’m shooting portraits and artistic nudes. I started to notice the models I work with are usually in their 20’s and 30’s. Why’s that?

Women of this age often show a lot of what we, in the west, have started calling ‘beautiful’. This is also true for myself: there is such a thing as beauty in youth. But beauty doesn’t stop at 31, 41, 51…. how far shall we go? That kind of beauty has nothing to do with age.

My approach to photography

Who is beautiful? Especially when we’re talking about looks, it’s impossible to say: that’s a very personal perception. I’m convinced that beauty is more important than ‘being pretty’  or matching the ideal picture imposed on us by advertisements.

That’s why I chose to work more with models, that wouldn’t classify as model in their own definition. Taking care of the way you look is relevant for a picture, but no matter what age, I’m looking for models that are willing to work together with me to create great art. Real beauty doesn’t stop at 20, 30, 40, 50…

On this site at ‘recent work’ you’ll find a selection of my work so far. It might inspire you.

portraits fashion artistic nudes
Fanny Müller – body sculpture

Photography for beauty’s sake

I’m a non-commercial photographer. This means I’m not in this to make money: I chose to make art, show beauty and create art with another human being. If I depended on this for my daily expenses it would not be possible.

I do ask a contribution to cover part of the cost of my studio and equipment. In return you’ll get a few digital results of our work together.

Being Dutch I’m also direct: because I don’t do it for the money, I also keep my freedom to say no to assignments. To say it bluntly: don’t come to me for a photo in your passport.

Got inspired to create art?

My focus is on portraits and art nude shoots. If you’d like some more information, send me a message through the contact page. Do you come ready with your project and clear ideas: excellent! Are you still searching for what fits you best and want me to help you: equally excellent!

Remember that getting to the best result usually takes more than 10 minutes. It takes time and effort from both of us. The thing for you to take to the shoot is the will to do it.

Make sure to read through the ‘Photo shoot info’ please.

See you soon

Best regards, Godfried Teeven

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