Photo shoot info

Ondine – portrait lying down

Photo shoot info: all you want to know about a shoot.

How much time does a shoot take?

Usually I take 3 hours for a photo session. You’ll find out it’s quite straining for you too, but speaking for myself, after about 3 hours my concentration has gone and I need a break.

What does a shoot cost?

I charge 100 Euro for a 3 hour shoot. That covers a part of my expenses for the studio and equipment. It doesn’t cover for my time at all. So I don’t make any profit: this is for you an me a reminder I’m doing this for the art, not profit.

If you have specific wishes that don’t cover my art or that you want to use commercially yourself, that’s possible too. That’s an assignment and we’ll agree on costs upfront.

What will I get after the shoot?

Besides a hopefully great experience, you’ll get a set of beautiful photo’s. Digital in high resolution, with my professional after processing included. How many exactly depends on the situation, but between 5 to 10 is normal.

Will the photo’s be made public?

Not without your permission.

Only if you give your explicit permission I will use the results of our work on this website or one of my other public channels.

Off course I’m motivated to show what we’ve made and I hope you’ll be satisfied with the result so you’re happy to show this to the world. But I understand if you don’t want that: I will respect that.

The other way around: I’d be very happy if you share our work on your social or other media. As long as you make clear the art is made by me, you’re free to do so without other compensations.

What’s the location of your studio?

Usually I work from a studio in Eersel. That’s a 20 minute drive from Eindhoven Central Station. Occasionally I work on location.

Does age matter?

No, it doesn’t. Each age has it’s charme. I encourage especially models of over 40 to take the step. Do you have a specific idea, or would you like to find out what my view on you would look like in an image… please let me know!

If you’re under 18, I won’t do nude shots and please bring an adult to the shoot.

Can we plan a shoot any time?

Sorry but no. Photography was my profession, but now it’s become a work of love for the art. I have a fulltime job to make a living which limits my time for shooting. Sometimes this forces me to make choices and not accept a request or plan it at a later moment in time.

What about make-up, clothing, styling?

Depending on the type of shoot, make-up is very or not so important. I’m not a make-up artist myself. If required I can invite a trusted make-up artist to the shoot.

You need to bring your own clothing.

For styling: I have a modest collection of necklaces, rings etc. These are the more extravagant kind. I would always advise to bring your own jewelry and other styling items.

Looking for other photo shoot info?

Couldn’t find the answer to your question here? Please contact me through the  contact page. If you prefer to send an email, you’ll find the address there too.